torsdag 21. april 2011


Spring is definately here, and that means not so much time inside the house making cards, 'cause there's plenty to be done outside!
Look at these! Yellow is one of two FAVORITE colors during spring! Everything is grey and dull after winter, and then COLOR pops up here and there, makes me really happy!

In about 4 months this little one will be bursting with blackcurrant! And the colors of these NEW leaves is my second favorite color of spring, fresh GREEN!

My rhubarb is coming along nicely too, I can't wait to make rhubarb and strawbery jam! YUM!

Just look at this field now before there are leaves on all these trees! When translating the names that we use for these flowers here in Norway I get anemone and black eye, ever heard of those? This is a sight I am looking forward to every year when the snow starts to melt, it's like a white and blue carpet!

Happy spring and Easter, everyone!

Anette :o)

5 kommentarer:

Karina Beck sa...

Jeg elsker også forårsblomsterne. Det har været 22 grader her i Danmark i dag og varmen er jo også fantastisk efter en grå og kold lang vinter.
Skønne forårs billeder.
God påske.

AnitaRex sa...

WOW look at how many things are growing! So jealous! I don't blame you for playing outside!

Virginia L. sa...

Thanks for sharing the pics!! Love seeing your Spring and all the budding flowers and plants. I also love rhubarb and strawberry pies/crisp. I have never heard of these plants when I lived in Taiwan....It was an eye-opening experience when I first tasted the sour rhubarb :P Happy Easter to you, my friend! xo

Hilde M. Stafseth sa...

Så flotte vårbilder! Skjønner godt at dere har kost dere hjemme i påska!

Heather Maria sa...

Beautiful photos, Anette! Isn't it great to see everything bursting back to life in spring? My dad used to grow lots of rhubarb too so I remember eating lots of rhubarb jam, tarts, crumbles....!